Carpet SALE

Is it time to update your carpet?

Kinsale Tile Store have an excellent range of quality carpets on sale at the moment.

Beautiful soft rugs and carpets for €6.99 per yard.

When purchasing carpet you must do your research on the type of carpet required. Some of the cheaper carpet brands will appear gorgeous and fluffy in store, however, within months may appear trodden down, dull and old on your floor. It’s simply a matter of quality. Like many other products we buy in life – you get what you pay for, so to speak. When it comes to flooring, it’s best not to make any mistakes as flooring is a very large DIY project and something we only do every 5 – 10 years!

Be sure to get the right quality carpet from the onset. Lucky for you – Kinsale Tile Store have a super SALE on! Get top quality carpet for low prices – for a limited time only…

Planning on a DIY carpet laying project?

You will need to know how many yards to purchase per square feet (or meter) of your room. For example a small room of say 12 x 9 square feet will require 12 yards of carpet.

12 x 9 Room size 12 x 9 cut size 12 YARDS

A larger room of 15 x 25 square feet will require 43 Yards of carpet.

15 x 25 12 x 32 42-2/3

There is a specific formula to calculate your carpet yards – to give you an idea of how many yards you may need check out the below link to measuring carpet:

Carpet Buyers Handbook

Be sure to add on 10% extra in case of any mistakes or extras you didn’t consider. If your not sure drop into Kinsale Tiles Store in Guardwell Kinsale and speak with a carpet laying specialist.

Or you can email:


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