Raimondi Leveling System


Are you planning on tiling or installing flooring yourself? 
Do it yourself (DIY) is a common method today used by home owners to redecorate 
their home. It's important to get the right tools, quality flooring/ tiles and 
expert advice to assist you in achieving success with your home re-decorating
Raimondi Leveling System provides flat tiles without the application problems.
The video below illustrates how tiles of 80x80 cm can be laid easily, leaving the
complications of uneven flooring behind. The tiles are perfectly flat which is 
simply not possible without a quality leveling system such as the Raimondi leveling

Have any questions related to tiling or flooring? Give us a shout at: 
info@kinsaletiles.com or phone: (021) 477 2966


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