The Executive bathroom

Bathroom tiling at its best!

Your bathroom may be small or large, regardless it can be designed to look spacious, modern and luxurious. Wide stone tiling wall to wall will create a modern bathroom with an executive feel. Appealing for the professional who requires a practical and stylish space.

Care should be taken in finding the right bath tub, sink, lighting and fixtures, which compliment your tiled room. Mixing the design from wide tiles on the wall to small floor tiles can create an interesting contrast. A very popular and practical feature is the inbuilt shelves in the shower, under the bathtub and along the walls. This can be really exciting if you have lighting on the wall shelf and use only glass items, such as perfume to be displayed. The lighting can reflect many colours throughout the room bouncing off the tiles.

Add a few small decorative items that suit your style and there you have it – a super stylish executive bathroom. See some examples below:

Executive bathroom 2            Executive blog image 1executive bathroom 3

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