Caring for your Wood flooring

Wood Flooring Caring tips

You have installed your beautiful hardwood flooring – you’re delighted! It’s a fantastic feeling to walk across a brand new floor. The room feels bigger, modern and stylish. Now you have to care for this marvelous floor and ‘protect your investment’. See some tips below:

Prevention of advanced wood floor aging

Keep  it clean: Dirt and grit can be like sandpaper on wood flooring creating scratches, denting and dulling. To assist with this, use mats in entrance areas. Or split these areas up with tiled flooring.

wood flooring

Water damage:Standing water can warp hardwood flooring. Clean any spills up immediately.

Cupping: Is another problem related to moisture and seasonal changes where the environment is humid. In winter, when homes are heated and the air is dry, wood flooring gives up some of its moisture and therefore shrinks. To assist with this problem, regulate the temperature in the room that has wood flooring.

Cleaning detergents: Try to use cleaning products specific for wood flooring. Oil based soaps can build up creating problems with coating the floor at a later stage.

Furniture: Lift the furniture to move it — avoid dragging to avoid any type of scratching.

Sun: Did you know that sun can lighten your hardwood floor? Use curtains and blinds to reflect direct sunlight off the floor.

Vacuums: Be sure to use brush attachments on your vacuum.

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