DIY How to lay Carpet

Thinking of laying your own carpet?

With the very cold weather this time of year we all think about better ways to keep our homes warm. Carpets are a perfect way to give your home a warmer and cosier feel. Carpets can look and feel luxurious and are definitely warmer on your feet than wood or tiled flooring.

The difference between having carpets and rugs, is that when you lay a carpet there is an underlay used before laying the carpet which is basically an installation source. This helps with preventing cold coming up from the floor. Rugs tend to be used on top of hard flooring such as wood, vinyl or tiles and may still be quite cold to walk over.

Carpets are definitely the way forward during the cooler seasons – but there are some questions you should ask before purchasing carpet. Decide which rooms will be carpeted and the colours that will be required to fit with your current home decor. Pop into Kinsale Tile Store in Guardwell Kinsale and speak with one of our specialist about the type of carpet your seeking and variances in prices. After all a DIY project is often about saving those extra €€€.

After you have decided which carpet suits your home these are the steps you need to take for a DIY carpet installation project:

  • Step 1: Have the correct tools to help you lay the carpet (see video below)
  • Step 2: Strip the floor of any unwanted flooring and clean the sub-floor
  • Step 3: Install the tack-less strips
  • Step 4: Install carpet pad – or installation material
  • Step 5: Staple any pad seams
  • Step 6: Trim the pad and notch the corners for trimming
  • Step 7: Trim the carpet to size and then trim the excess carpet once laid
  • Step 8: Glue any seams together
  • Step 9: Trim around obstacles and then trim excess from edges
  • Step 10: Use the binder bar and finish trimming the carpet

The below carpet laying instructional video provides you with a step by step process. If your new at laying carpet it might be an idea to watch this video first.

If you have any further questions – give Kinsale Tiles a call on: +353 21 477 2966


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